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Black Upholstery Fabric

Black Upholstery Fabric

Black - strictly speaking the absence of colour - is the purest colour possible. As such black upholstery fabric will bring a stunning simplicity and elegance to any room. Using black upholstery fabric not only highlights the form and graceful lines of your sofa, but also - by not distracting the eye with colour - allows one to use colour cleverly in other areas of decor to add accent tones.

Black upholstery fabric is, perhaps, the ultimate in minimalism and always brings a smart stylish look. Black upholstery fabric can be understated and shy, and yet, paradoxically, in say a white room, bold and eye-catching. Take a look at our black upholstery fabric by clicking on the images on this page and seeing our products in more detail.

Black is, of course, a very versatile and practical colour. Black will match with almost any other colour so by choosing black for one's sofa one is in essence keeping all options open in terms of future decor choices.

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