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Cruise Ship Fabric

Cruise Ship Fabric

Cruise ships are equal in their decor to the very best land-based luxury hotels and, accordingly, demand the highest quality fabrics. At Loome we stock cruise ship fabrics which can be used throughout the ship including restaurants and bars, cabins and bedrooms, lounges and casinos. We can create co-ordinated collections which will tie patterns and colours across a range of fabric areas including upholstery, curtains, blinds, cushions and bedspreads.

The use of high quality fabrics can considerably enhance the ambience and acoustics in key areas of the ship to acheive higher levels of customer satisfaction.

If you have particular requirements for colour schemes or patterns please get in touch with us and we will work with you to acheive the look that you are striving to create.

All our cruise ship fabrics have very high levels of durability, many are washable, and all meet the test for fire safety and flammability set out in I.M.O. Resolution A652 (16) (Upholstered Furniture) and I.M.O. Resolution A563 (14) (Draperies and Curtains).

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