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Funky Fabric

Funky Fabric

Why settle for boring or stid old fashioned fabric styles? At Loome we have some terrific modern funky fabrics which will energise and uplift your decor and bring it dancing and singing into the latest fashionable looks. Funky fabric is cool - funky fabric is stylish - what's not to like about chic funky upholstery or furniture? Click on any of our funkiest fabric and see what it can do for your sofa or curtains.

Funky Curtain Fabric

At loome we have truly funky curtain fabric and funky upholstery fabric that will look great in modern cool interiors. Funky fabric is hard to define, but we think that we know it when we see it.

Popular bright colours at the moment are russet,  green, duck egg blue, and orange. Popular restrained colours are all the natural earthy tones including greens, greys, stone, and creams.

If you want the coolest fabrics please take a look at our selection on this page.





























Funky Upholstery Fabric

What is 'Funky Fabric'? Funky is a word that seems to have been around for ever and is probably derived from US black dance and soul music. Apparently in America the word can also sometimes be taken to mean mouldy or something that has an unpleasant smell.

In modern times, it is a positive word similar to 'groovy' 'cool' and 'stylish'.

Interestingly, modern language has now moved on again and the younger generation speak of 'wicked' in somewhat the same vein. So, it would appear, funky fabric is groovy, cool, stylish, chic, wicked cloth for your home!

At loome we only stock top quality fabrics with high durability, so as well as being modern and sophisticated you can be assured that they will wear well on your furniture and curtains.

To order free samples of any of our products simply click on the photograph of the cloth and then select "add to basket".





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