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Koloman Moser Designs

Koloman Moser Textiles and Fabrics

Welcome to our collection of Koloman Moser prints and weaves.

Koloman Moser is perhaps the most overlooked yet important designer of the early nineteenth century. His designs are, without doubt, some of the most enchanting of all Art Deco designs, and despite the passage of time they still look elegant, intriguing, and wistful today.

Moser was central in three Viennese arts institutions - the Kunstgewerbeschule (School of Applied Arts) where he studied and later taught, the Secession (an artists' association founded in 1908 by young artists who rebelled against traditional themes) and the Wiener Werkstatte (Viennese Workshop) a centre not only for the design but also the fabrication of craft goods, which he co-founded in 1903 in the designer and architect Josef Hoffman. The Wiener Werkstatte was dedicated to fine craftsmanship and individual creativity in the production of unique, beautiful objects.

In his own designs for flat surface, Moser often used curvilnear forms of nature to create interlocking repetitive pattern. In ceramic work and china, designs of the "Moser School" tended to ebody simple constructed forms and geometric patterns. Moser degisned for a wide variety of media including ceramics, textiles, carpets, books and stained glass. He created stage designs for the State Opera, and in his lifetime  exhibited in Czechoslovakia, Germany, Hungary, Italy as well as Austria.

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