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celtic curtain upholstery fabric

Mannanin Celtic Curtain and Upholstery Fabric

Mannanin Mac Lir is the mythical god of the Irish Sea who guards the celtic coastal and island peoples. Mannanin travels the Irish sea in a boat with no sails, casting his cloak of mists over land and sea when the land or people need protection.

The woven celtic knots and rings in our Mannanin collection hark back to the inter-twined patterns to be found in the old celtic scripts and carvings.The jewels on Mannanin's breast plate, which shine in the sun, are reflected in the pure colours found in this simply beautiful cloth.

The swirls, herringbones and plaids represent the natural celtic colours in Mannanin's cloak.



I know a secret land
Where the gods roam,
Dancing, a joyous band,
Through shining foam,
While hills wrapped in mist and flame
Breathe forth the mighty name
Of Mananan, Ruler
Of seas beyond the world.

(Part of The Secret Island, by the Manx poet Mona Douglas)

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