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Child friendly
Child friendly

To the right are some of our durable stylish child friendly fabrics. To see more detail about any of these simply click on the picture.

Children love to climb and bounce on sofas and occasionally they spill or drop things on them. That's why, in the modern world, we need child friendly fabrics.

To be considered a child friendly fabric the cloth must be tough, stain resistant and, if possible, washable.

All our fabrics in this group meet these demanding considerations and are ideal for families with children. We only include fabrics which are rated as `sever domestic use', which are made from naturally stain resisting man-made fibres such as polyester, and which are fully washable at 30 degrees.

If your sofa has removable cushions with zip off covers then ideally choose a washable fabric so that the cushions can be kept perfectly clean.

Additional you might like to consider having loose arm caps, headrests made up in the same fabric, as these provide a further degree of washable protection. You may also wish to order a few metres extra fabric and have some throws made up in the same material as the main upholstery.

Washable loose covers made from child friendly fabric may in some situations be the most practical solution of all. One advantage of loose covers is that if two sets are made up then one always has a spare set to use whilst the other is in the wash.

The most durable fabrics for children are polyester velvets and chenilles, and also some of our flat weaves. Consideration should be given to the colour and pattern: dark colours, especially browns, tend to show up little ones’ wear and tear less than light colours. Likewise, patterns are better at hiding marks than plains.

Which ever colour or style you prefer we are confident that one of our child friendly fabrics will be suitable for you.

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