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Curtain Fabric Estimator


Curtain Fabric Calculator

Follow these 3 simple steps to calculate exactly the length of fabric needed to make a pair of curtains.


1. How many widths of fabric do you need?

Measure the width of the track or pole in cm, then double it and divide that by the fabric width. Next, round up to the next whole number.

For example: assume your fabric is 137cm wide, on a pole 200cm wide. So 200 x 2 = 400 cms, divided by 137cms = 2.91, rounded up gives 3 - so you need 3 widths in total. From this you will have one pair of 1 and 1/2 width curtains.


2. Measure the drop, then add on the hems

The drop is the distance from the top of the pole or track to the bottom of the curtain. For hems, add onto the drop an extra 15cm for pencil pleat curtains or an extra 30 cm for double and triple pinch pleat and eyelet headers.


3. Add on the pattern repeats, then add up all the drops.

Except for the first width, add the pattern repeat on to each drop length.

For example, imagine that the correct curtains for our pole are a pair of 1 and a half width eyelet curtains - in other words 3 widths of fabric in total - with a drop of 180cm. Imagine also that we intend to use a fabric with a vertical pattern repeat of 25cm. The first width will need a total drop of 210cm (180 + 30 for hems) and the other two widths will need drops of 235cm (25cm more). So the total length of fabric required is 680cm or 6.8 metres (210+235+235). Simple!


Cost of making (hand-sewn, per width)


Lined pencil   £95.00
Lined wave   £105.00
Lined triple/twin/single Pleat £110.00
Lined eyelet   £125.00
Interlined pencil   £130.00
Interlined wave   £140.00
Interlined triple/twin/single Pleat £145.00
Interlined eyelet   £160.00



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