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backhausen art deco upholstery fabric
Backhausen Art Deco

Backhausen Art Deco Fabrics

Welcome to our exclusive collection of original Backhausen Art Deco fabrics.

Josef Hoffman and Backhausen Gmbh have been producing Art Deco fabrics since around 1900, when Professor Hoffmann co-founded the Wiener Werkstatte - the famous Art Nouveau textile and furniture design studio.

Many of the Art Deco fabrics on this page have been in constant production since the early 1900s - they are historically important designs which have stood the test of time - and they will look fabulous as upholstery on your sofa or chairs, or as heavy curtains.

Loome Fabrics are sole online distributors for Backhausen fabrics in the UK.


Josef Hoffmann (1870-1956)

The designer and architext Josef Hoffmann influenced a whole style era with his individual and unique designs. Having first studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, he quickly developed his memorable and distinctive austere style, which gives prominence to the straight line. He became a member of the design grouping known as the Vienna Secession in 1897 and founded the Wiener Werkstatte in 1903, along with Kolo Moser and industrialist Fritz Warndorfer. The aim of the Wiener Werkstatte was to greate a 'Gesamtkunstwerk' (a total style of art). His designs, with their timeless simplicity and clear aesthetics, are rated as classics today.

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