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Guinevere Medieval

Medieval Fabrics

Medieval and medieval style fabrics are not easy to find, but at Loome we have created a unique collection of fabrics which derive their essence from that noble period of history.

Between the 12th and 14th centuries textiles used for clothing and decorating the walls of the castles of the nobility saw considerable change. Beasts, Eagles, Lions, Leopards, and all mannner of hunted animals are found represented in these fabrics.

The luxury fabrics of the day both served to denote the aristocratic status and nobility of the textile bearer, and also to communicate their interest in the matters of the time such as warfare and hunting. Hunting of large animals such as deer and wild boar was, during the medieval period, the prerogative of the king and nobles, in reserved areas known as 'forests'.

Heraldic themes and family mottos, reflecting the shields of the Knight in armour also feature strongly in this period.


Medieval Upholstery Fabric

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Medieval Curtain Fabrics

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