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art nouveau curtain fabric
Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau Fabrics

The Art Nouveau period of design marked a refreshing departure from the slightly fussy and restrained designs of the Victorian era. The name of the style is derived from Samuel Bing's shop in Paris, "La Maison de L'Art Nouveau", in which much of the original work of this era was exhibited. The style was created as a complete break from the past, in which artists sought to create a unified style for all areas of art and life - painting, textiles, glass, homeware, even jewellery and fashion clothing.

The style itself can be characterised as using long sinuous sweeping curves. Vertical emphasis is often given, with intricate patterns repeating in that dimension. Nature is the usual source of inspiration, especially vines, plant tendrils and stems, flowers such as poppies and roses.

Some Art Nouveau designers such as Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Archibald Knox chose sinuous elongated representations of nature, and used these to produce some of the most remarkably beautiful art and designs. Art Nouveau fabrics look stunning in period homes but also, because of their timeless forms, they look wonderful in modern homes too.

Art Nouveau Upholstery Fabric

Art Nouveau furniture was functional and well constructed, but also incorporated curves and sweeping lines. Often a flowing line, known as the Belgian Curve, was incorporated into the chair design. Other exponents of the style, Mackintosh in particult, chose to emphasis perpendicular and rectangular form.

Art Nouveau Curtain Fabric

Art Nouveau window dressings were usually long and fluid, often with draped tops including swags. Curtains and voiles were used in conjunction with stained glass windows in the style of Louis Comfot Tiffany.

Most of our Art Nouveau fabrics are dual-use and can be used both for upholstery fabric and curtain fabric. The curves and nature motifs in this style of fabric makes for very elegant and natural looking curtains, which bring a softness to a room.

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