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Edwardian Period Textiles

What defines Edwardian Interiors? Rejecting the excessive decoration and cluttered interiors of the Victorian era, the Edwardian period interior was all about effective use of space, and bringing a sense of homeliness. The Edwardian sash window style was of the ‘six panes over two panes’ style, where the upper multi-pane would often be fixed with a single movable casement underneath which maximised the amount of light entering the room. Edwardian casement windows were usually painted entirely white or the frame was painted a dark colour with the inner edge highlighted in white. In 1894 building regulations changed so that windows no longer had to be flush with the exterior wall, allowing bay and bow windows became a popular ingredient within Edwardian architecture. Edwardian style windows were usually dressed by hanging laces alongside floral curtains that complemented the wall colours. Edwardian sometimes used simple roller blinds. Edwardian interiors are commonly decorated in floral or pastel colours including pale greens, yellows, lilac, pinks and duck egg blue. These colours, in contrast to the heavy interiors of the Victorian era, allowed the home owner to creat the illusion of light and space in the home. Lighter shades better reflect natural light around the room, creating a bright and airy atmosphere. Many Edwardian properties also used decorative and unique wallpaper to add a sense of character to their property. Fabrics of the Edwardian era are consistent with this general theme, and often used floral or Art Nouveau styling with floral designs in gentle colours

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