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Orla Kiely

Orla Kiely Fabrics

Orla Kiely fabrics are, without doubt, one of the signatures of design from the 1970s onwards. If we had to name a single designer who has most influenced interiors in the last 30 years, we would have to give that accolade to Orla. The Orla Kiely brand embodies print colour, print and just the right amount of uniqueness. Her heavily stylised stem, flower and fruit motifs, coupled with an unusual and distinctive retro colour palette, make Orla Kiely fabrics stand out from the crowd.


Orla Kiely Prints Volume 1

We stock every design from Orla Kiely Prints Volume 1

Orla Kiely Wovens Volume 1

We stock every design from Orla Kiely Wovens Volume 1

Orla Kiely Designs

To see any of our fabulous Orla Kiely designs simply click on the images to the right.

Orla Kiely Curtain Fabrics

At loome we have over 30 fabulous Orla Kiely curtain fabrics for you available by the metre. For commericial applications we offer these in flame retardant form, to meet the requirements of BS5876.

Orla Kiely Curtains

Our in-house curtain making department is at your service. If you would like curtains made to measure in any of our fabulous fabrics, including Orla Kiely designs, simply call us on 01477 270828 or email us using info@loome.co.uk with the details of width, drop, lining and header style.

Orla Kiely Blinds

We offer roller blinds, roman blinds and vertical blinds in Orla Kiely fabrics. Please contact us for details.

Orla Kiely Upholstery Fabric

We offer all our Orla Kiely fabrics with a flame retardant treatment, making them suitable for upholstery use. The woven fabrics are suitable for general upholstery use, the prints are suitable for light use upholstery.

Orla Kiely Loose Covers

Being 100% cotton all of our Orla Kiely fabrics can be used for furnishings such as cushions and loose covers. Please note, however, that we recommend dry clean only aftercare.


We stock the following Orla Kiely fabrics:

Orla Kiely Abacus Flower Fabric

Orla Kiely Giant Stem Fabric

Orla Kiely Linear Stem Fabric

Orla Kiely Multi Stem Fabric

Orla Kiely Oval Flower Fabric

Orla Kiely Rosebud Fabric

Orla Kiely Scribble Fabric

Orla Kiely Seventies 70s Flower Oval

Orla Kiely Spot Flower Fabric

Orla Kiely Striped Petal fabric

Orla Kiely Sweetpea Fabric

Orla Kiely Two Colour Stem

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