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black and white upholstery fabric from Loome
Black and White Fabric

Black and White Fabric

Black and white fabric looks strikingly beautiful. To see our black and white curtain fabric and our black and white upholstery fabric click on the images displayed on this page.

Black, white, grey or 'monotone' designs are very much in fashion. They are ideal in modern interiors yet are as traditional as a tudor cottage. The absence of colour in furniture or window fabric can create remarkable interiors in which just the smallest amount of accent colour elsewhere will suffice.

Black and white often represent the contrast between light and darkness, day and night, good and evil.

In taoism Yin and Yang, the two opposing natures of the universe are symbolized in black and white.The presence of both colours represents an ideal balance of forces.

Black and white represent the two sides in ancient games of strategy, such as go and chess

Black and white also often represent smartness and a certain formality, as in business attire, and that of certain priests and judges.

Black and White Upholstery Fabric

Black and white make stunning monochrome upholstery, and can bring a cutting edge and energy to otherwise flat rooms. Black and white upholstery goes with everything, so you can choose your main accent colours time and time again.

Black and White Curtain Fabric

Choose black and white curtains to bring a room to life without overpowering it with colour.

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