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black velvet upholstery fabric
Black Velvet Fabric

Black Velvet Fabric

To see our Black Velvet Fabric simply select and click on the images on the right of the screen.

Black velvet is a highly luxurious fabric, perfect for elegant and sumptuous curtains and upholstery. To see any of our black velvets click the images on this page.

Black Velvet Upholstery Fabric

Black velvet upholstery fabric has an undeniable richness and opulence which few if any other colours can emulate. For upholstery fabric black velvet is a perfect stunning choice

Black Velvet Curtain Fabric

Nothing looks better than a pair of black velvet curtains. Black velvet curtain fabric will give your windows a unique and striking appearance. Click on the images on this page to see our black velvet curtain fabric.

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