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blue upholstery fabric, blue curtain fabric
Blue Fabric

Blue Curtain and Upholstery Fabric

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Blue, as a colour, due to its associations with water, sea and sky, creates soothing, calming, relaxing spaces. It is also suggestive of wealth and substance. In the middle ages and earlier times Lapis Lazuli - a rich blue mineral - was worth more than gold. Blue fabric is historically associated with wealth, aristrocracy and royalty. This is because natural blue dyes were more difficult to manufacture than earthy colours such as browns and greens.

Modern blues are often softer in tone or have an aquatic feel. Our love of water and the sea in particular means that we associate blue with relaxing happy times. Blue is, therefore, a great colour to use in rooms which are intended for relaxation such as living rooms and lounges.

Psychologically, it is said that blue is a bright and optimistic colour, full of energy. Brighter blues can be energising and its use can 'lift' a room and contrast well with soft browns, greys and taupe colours.

Lighter blues such as sky blue or duck egg blue are elegant and under-stated. Darker blues look great in modern rooms or, indeed, any context in which the curtains or upholstery should stand out and be noticed.

Deep blues such as navy blue and indigo are well complimented with light grey and neutral or cream colours. In a large room space, these colour combinations can be used to divide the room up whilst at the same time creating a relaxing ambience.

Mid blues are complimented well by pastel or soft pinks, browns and muted grey. Consider using a pastel pink or green to brighten up a darker area of a room whilst creating an interesting contrast with the mid blue

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