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Boat Upholstery Fabric
Boat Upholstery Fabric

Boat Upholstery Fabric

For below deck use we recommend washable tough high durability velvets such as our  Tamarisk and Tabley ranges or a high quality washable flat weave such as our Swale collection.


Marine Fabric

Marine fabrics are exposed to constant wetting so tough washable cloth is essential, even for below deck use. Choose Tabley, Tamarisk or Swale for your marine fabric applications.


Contract Ship Fabric

For contract marine applications, such as cruise ships and chartered yachts, we have a range of upholstery fabrics which meet IMO Resolution A652 (16) - flammability standards for upholstery - and IMO resolution A471(Xiii) / A563(14) - flammability standards for curtains.

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