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Check Upholstery Fabric

Check upholstery fabric from Loome.

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Check upholstery fabric is fabric, suitable for furniture covering, which has a distinctive pattern of horizontal and vertical stripes. The word `check' originates from the Persian word 'shah' meaning king, and the old French word 'echech'. It has its roots in the check pattern of the original chess board

This cloth has bands of two or more colours. It is long associated with Scottish clans, although checks are found in other areas of the world. Checks are also found in heraldry where check patterns are associated with nobility and lordship

Check is a great choice when you wish to pull together different colours, or different shades of a colour in a room's decor. You can, for example, have different plain shades on your sofa, chairs, and curtains, and then pull all of these together by using a check fabric for scatter cushions, a throw or a footstool.

Another good way to use check is for a centrepiece item of furniture such as an interesting loveseat, snug, or easy chair.

Checks never go out of style so you can use them confidently. A multi-coloured fabric also gives you possibilities for future matching options - you may wish to change decor colour in the future and the existence of different hues in your fabric will allow for this when the time comes.


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