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Cottage Fabrics | from Loome
Cottage Fabrics

Cottage Fabrics

Are you looking for a good selection of cottage fabrics and country fabrics? The Loome Lindale range of vintage style floral linens is an excellent choice.

To see any of our cottage fabrics and country fabrics simply click on the relevant image to the right.

Many are attracted to a cottage style with its welcoming and relaxed feel. Cottage style can be used in many types of home and is not necessarily reserved for "cottages". Indeed, even a contemporary room can be decorated and furnished in a cottage style and will have an instant 'designer' look.

Cottage decor is identified by its passion for wonderful high quality yet slightly distressed or vintage items. Clean sharp lines are out and one should instead focus on making a cosy welcoming feeling with big comfy sofas and chairs and warm and homely colours. That said, it isn't necessary to follow one particular slant on what cottage style means. Indeed, cottage interiors can vary from pure white, limestone flooring, blues and greens and yellows for a seaside cottage look, through to deep rich reds and browns for a more ensconced retreat style.

Cottage style fabrics include naturals, florals, vintage patterns and frankly anything that looks good in a cottage or cottage style interior.

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