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Curtain Material
Curtain Material

Curtain Material. At loome we have a wide range of curtain material and fabrics.

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Choosing the correct curtain material. Are the curtains intended primarily for visual appearance, or are you seeking thermal insulation and/or light blocking as well? If only the look of the window is important then linen, cotton or light flat weaves can be used, with or without a lining fabric. If you wish to keep the room warmer, or block out light completely, then wool, chenille or velvet are better choices, preferably with a lining material sewn onto the reverse of the curtains. If you wish to wash the curtains in the future then its best to choose washable material.

Colour and Fabric
Fabric is a critical element in choosing curtains, as the material dictates how your curtains function and last.

Fabric which is too heavy or stiff may not fold well when the curtains are drawn back - which is one reason why curtains treated with fire retardant backings are generally not used for curtains.

Curtains that are made from too light a fabric may not fall well and may not block out enough light

One good test is to order a sample and then hold this sample up to the window - this way you can see its light blocking qualities. In order to test the drape it is best to order one of out larger samples and then pleat it at the top with your hands or some clothers pegs and see how the fabric drapes. When doing this test you need to keep in mind that when fully made up the curtains will have a lining which adds a certain body and will smooth our the drape.

Sunlight fades all fabrics over time so if the room gets a lot of direct sunlight it may be best to opt for neutral colours as these are less susceptible to fading.

In terms of cloth, linen, cotton, flat-weaves, damask and velvet are best choices to use for windows as they drape nicely.

In terms of keeping out the cold there are two approaches. You can go for a heavy face fabric such as velvet or wool with a reverse cotton lining. Alternatively use an 'interliner' - a warm felt like material that sits between the curtain fabric and the reverse lining. Linings and interlinings give curtains bulk and substance. If a liner and interliner is used then even thin silks, linens and cottons can make perfectly good curtain material.



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