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Damson Fabric

Damson Fabric

The name damson is derived from the early name "damascene", which in turn comes from the Latin prunum damascenum, or "plum of Damascus". It is believed that damsons are descendants of the wild sloe, possibly crossed at some point in the past with the cherry plum. Whatever their heritage they are well known for their delicious if slightly sharp flavour and their characteristic dusty purple colour.

Damson Upholstery Fabric

Damson upholstery fabric is a full and sumptuous dusty bluish purple, and looks terrific for all soft furnishings. Damson is a timelessly popular colour which never goes out of style, and looks particularly good on period and contemporary furniture. Damson upholstery fabric matches very well with pale grey and pale brown for a traditional look, or with bright colours such as lime or apple green for a bold modern decor.

Damson Curtain Fabric

Damson curtain fabric or material is sumptuous and elegant, and adds a sense of luxury to any home.

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