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Historical Textiles

The Renaissance Collection comprises authentic historical fabrics of the highest quality, woven to match known historical designs from archive sources rediscovered with the help of the museum archives of Europe.

Elizabethan Fabrics

From the Byzantine era through to the 19th Century, these are authentic copies of European and early English textiles, many of which have not been woven for hundreds of years,

Historical Fabrics

In the Renaissance Collection you will find authentic historical fabrics, woven to designs held in museums and stately homes. If your need is for historical authenticity combined with luxurious heavy fabrics, these are perfect.

Jacobean Fabrics,

The fabrics are woven using the natural fibres of flax, cotton, silk or wool, in Britain or France They include both  traditional woollen cloths such as twills, satins, camlets and damasks, and jacquard designs. Where practical, the original weave construction of these historic textiles is replicated.

Tudor Fabrics

These fabrics are equally suited to both ancient and modern interiors, buildings both modest and grand, private homes and public buildings. Their intricate designs reflect the expertise of the weavers and designers of their times.

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