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Emerald Fabric

Emerald Fabric

Click on these images to see any of our emerald green fabric. Emerald is the most sought after stone in the beryl family of gemstones. The name 'emerald' arose from the old French word 'esmeralde', which was resolved from the Greek word "smaragdos" connoting 'green stone'. Emerald is any medium to dark green 'beryl' coloured by the presesnce of the element chromium. Other stones in the Beryl group include ruby and sapphire.

Emerald Green Upholstery Fabric

Emerald green, as a fabric colour, carries off the rather special trick of looking refined and relaxed and yet at the same time being fresh and energetic. Emerald fabric is a delight to the eye and has a quite traditional feel to it, which allows it to be used confidently without any worry of the colour going out of style.

Emerald Green Curtain Fabric

Emerald green curtain fabric looks superb.

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