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fire retardant upholstery fabric, flame retardant upholstery fabric
Fire Retardant Upholstery Fabric

Fire Retardant Upholstery Fabric


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Upholstery for domestic furniture must use use fire retardant or flame retardant fabric, unless the furniture or fabric falls into one of the excepted classes (see below).

Loome fire retardant fabrics comply with the relevant legislation and British Standards i.e. The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire)(Safety) Regulations 1988.

We can supply certificates of flame retardancy, on request, confirming compliance with British Standards for all FR fabric sold. 


About Fire Retardant Upholstery Fabric

There are three main ways that a fabric may become fire retardant (FR):

First,  the fabric may itself consist of, and be woven from, yarns which are inherently fire retardant e.g. wool. This is the best solution as the drape and natural feel of the fabric is unaffected.

Second, and most commonly for upholstery fabric, the material can be treated by the application of a fire retardant back-coating. This stiffens the fabric somewhat and actually makes it better for many upholstery applications. It does, however, make it less suitable for curtain use, as the drape of the material is somewhat affected.

The third method is chemical dipping, which is more often used for fabrics made from natural fibres or which have a high proportion of natural fibres.


Exceptions to the Need to Use Fire Retardant Fabric

It is permissible to use a non-fire-retardant fabric with a flame retardant interlining material underneath the upholstery itself if the fabric has a high percentage of natural fibres.

Loose dining chair cushions and small to medium sized scatter cushions (less than 60cm x 60cm) do not have to be made out of fire retardant fabric.

Items of antique (pre-1950s) furniture are also excluded from the regulations as long as they do not include foam stuffing.


Fire Retardant Curtain Fabric

Fabric for the make up of curtains for use in a domestic setting are not included within the scope of the UK Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 and, as such, do not need to pass tests for fire retardancy.

Sometimes, however, for peace of mind it is preferable to opt for inherently fire retardant fabric - in which case take a look at our Iona Collection of wool mix fabrics which are suitable for curtains and are certified flame retardant.


Flame Retardant Upholstery Fabric

Fire retardant upholstery fabric is also known as flame retardant upholstery fabric.

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