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jacquard upholstery fabric
Jacquard Fabric

Jacquard Fabric is elegant and stylish fabric with an intricate pattern woven into the cloth in such a way that one sees shiny and non-shiny areas on the material, which enhance the appearance of the design

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Jacquard Upholstery fabric

loosely speaking, refers to any fabric made on a 'Jacquard' loom. A jacquard loom is a special kind of loom invented by Joseph Marie Jacquard (1752-1834). The key thing about a jacquard loom is that it automates pattern creation by allowing the lifting up of the warp threads, in a predetermined order, one at a time. Historically, pattern creation during weaving was done on a drawloom. A drawboy manually pulled up 'heddles' with the warp ends on them. This was slow and laborious and, consequently, patterned fabrics were difficult to make and expensive.

Jacquard's loom built on earlier developments in weaving technology. In the early 18th century Basile Bouchon had created a loom operated via a perforated strip of paper with punched holes. Each hole corresponded to one tread or lash. Jacquard's machine was an evolution from this but improved on the paper strip idea by using perforated paste board cards and a square prism perforated on four sides. These perforations instructed the weaving machine to create the pattern and produced patterned fabrics which had much greater definition.

Jacquard Curtain Fabric

Modern jacquard fabric is capable of a myriad of design elements, but usually has a characteristic glossy or satin appearance with the pattern or design showing as darker on one side and lighter on the other. This combination of silky glossy appearance and the ability to hold highly defined patterns makes the cloth ever popular, especially in high end decors.

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