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plaid upholstery fabric
Plaid Upholstery Fabric

Plaid Upholstery Fabric

At Loome we have an excellent choice of plaid upholstery fabric in our Iona Collection. To see any of our plaid upholstery material simply click on the images on the right side of this page.

About Plaid Upholstery Fabric

Plaid fabric has a long heritage going back to the early history of the Scottish clans when soft natural coloured plaids were used as a means of distinguising members of different family groups or geographical areas. Although at one time tartans were outlawed, they never lost their popularity and underwent a resurgence in brighter colour palettes in the late Victorian period due to the advent of mechanised weaving and synthetic colours. In recent times there has been a revivial of the original earthy tones of natural colours which evoke the colours acheived in earlier times by the use of vegetable and bark dyes.

The use of plaid upholstery fabric is very well established, and plaids make excellent sofa and furnishing coverings, being both attractive and highly durable.

Because plaids always carry several colours one of the advantages of using a plaid for upholstery is that one is able to tie into several tones to create accent or background colours. In every plaid there will be a choice of colours to match for curtains, walls, or smaller items such as scatter cushions. This also means that, from a long term perspective, one is able to recover furniture with the knowledge that there will be flexibility in the decor in years to come.

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