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Polyester Fabric
Polyester Fabric

We stock a wide range of polyester fabric. Our Oberon, Tabley and Swale collections are 100% polyester. Tamarisk is 95%, Holland Park 83%, Troutbeck stripes 81%, and Mobberley stripes are 61%.

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Polyester is, strictly speaking, simply the name given to materials called polymers containing the ester functional group. There are, therefore, many polyesters including naturally occuring compounds in plant cuticles, but the term is generally used specifically to mean polyethylene terephthalate  or "PET" as it is otherwise known. Natural polyesters are usually biodegradable, whereas synthetic polyesters generally are not.

Polyester Fabric i.e. materials woven from polyester thread, are used widely in clothing (e.g. fleece tops, sports clothes) and soft furnishings (e.g. upholstery and curtain fabric, pillow material, hollow fill cushion wadding and upholstery padding). Sometimes polyester is mixed with other natural or synthetic fibres to give the finished product a different and somewhat softer feel. Polyester is one of the most durable of all fibres and so fabrics made from 100% polyester have avery long life and can withstand hard wear.

Industrial uses of polyester include ropes, tyre reinforcement bands, safety belts, clings, straps, and many kinds of other industrial materials.  Most household plastic bottles are made from PET as well as tarpaulins, kayaks, LCD displays and wire coverings and insulating electrical tape. 


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