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washable upholstery fabric

Washable Fabric

On the right we have selected some of our practical and stylish washable upholstery fabric and washable curtain fabric. Simply click on any image to see the full product details

Most fabrics can actually be washed, the question is what happens afterwards: the main concern is shrinkage or wrinkling. Technically, a fabric can be designated as washable if it is does not shrink more than 3% when subject to the designated laundry programme. However, at Loome we recommend that when measuring for washable fabrics you work to about 5% as the possible shrinkage factor.

If you are using a washable fabric to make up loose covers remember that any zips also need to be washable and, ideally, pre-washed before the covers are made up.

All Loome washable fabrics can only be washed at a maximum of 30 degrees centigrade, and must not be tumble dried or dried by exposure to any direct heat source (e.g. hanging over a radiator or a tumble dryer).

Washable fabrics make a great choice if you have children or pets, as they are much easier to maintain.

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