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roman blind fabric from Loome Fabrics
Roman Blind Fabric

Roman Blind Fabric

Loome have a wide range of Roman Blind fabric. All of our lighter weight cloths which are listed as suitable for loose covers and curtains are also suitable for Roman Blinds.Roman Blind fabric is, actually, any fabric which is supple enough to fold easily when the blinds are drawn up and yet thick enough to provide insulation and block out the light. To see particulars of these fabrics simply click on the images to the right

About Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are a unique style of blind in which the fabric stcks up vertically when drawn in, in even layers, and unfolds in an uncreased block when the blind is unfolded.This is achieved by cords, which are attached to the bottom of  the blinds from the back, and which draws up through loops positioned at the apex of every fold.

This style of window covering certainly adds a luxury look to any window. Furthermore, because Roman Blinds do not need to fit tightly around a roller, they can be made of thick warm fabric which offers excellent insulating properties to the window and room. Many people use Roman Blinds as an alternative to curtains - they are considered to be very contemporary and stylish and are effective in banishing draughts or cold spots.

Blackout Roman Blinds

Blackout roman blinds are made from opaque fabric, or ordinary fabric with an opaque lining fabric. They are the perfect window covering to any bedroom, especially one in which the windows face East or South as these are likely to be bothered by the early morning light. It is amazing what a difference blackout Roman Blinds can make to one's sleep, as well as protecting your carpets and furniture from the fading effects of sunlight.

Bedroom Roman Blinds

Roman blinds offer a luxurious and modern look to any bedroom. Not only will they create the warm cosy feeling that a bedroom requires, but they also eliminate many draughts  in the winter months, and can easily be pulled up to allow ventilation from

Roman Blinds in the Lounge

Roman blinds increasingly popular as an alternative to lounge curtains. Roman blinds in a lounge made from a high quality Loome fabric will make a real statement and look sophisticated in a very contemporary way. When closed they act in the same way as curtains, providing lots of insulation, and when open they leave the window reveals clear in a sharp unfussy way. In the summer, when the sun can be troublesome, Roman Blinds can be left half down in a way which curtains cannot.


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