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tartan upholstery fabric, tartan upholstery fabrics
Tartan Upholstery Fabric

Tartan Upholstery Fabric

Tartan is the latest in vogue trend in elegant upholstery fabric. Tartan is both as old as the hills and as modern as you like. Choose from our range of tartan upholstery fabric if you want to bring the outside inside, and create a wonderfully natural look.

Tartan upholstery fabric originated as the cloth of the Scottish clans. Each extended family or clan had its own distinctive colour pattern and these colours were, traditionally, the muted colours available from the use of natural dyes on wool cloth.

During the nineteenth century brighter synthetic dyes became available, resulting in the bold strong colour tartans that we are more commonly familiar with. But it is the older softer colours that are true to the tartan heritage. Loome's Iona collection takes us back to these earlier softer colours and gives fabrics which bring an elegant and traditional ambience to any room.

If you are considering tartan upholstery fabric and don't want quite so much detail in your decor, consider picking out one of the colours in a plain fabric and using the tartan on a feature chair or on scatter cushions. In the Iona collection we have a range of plains which perfectly match the plaid patterns, and we also have some new dogtooth pattern fabrics in the same colourways.

Our Loome cloths are particularly good for tartan sofa fabric as, being made from a durable wool mix, they provide a great combination of softness and everyday practicality. The muted and subtle colours, being gentle and easy on the eye, will look as good ten years from now as they do today. Restained weaves such as our Iona collection make subtle references to an aristrocratic heritage, and manage to cleverly combine a very traditional country theme with modern urban fashion. Well that's what we like to think!


Tartan Upholstery Fabrics

If you are looking for the perfect upholstery fabric Scotland gives the inspiration. At Loome was an excellent range of tartan upholstery material in an excellent set of colours. Using our site you can find matching colours and choose material for upholstery, curtains, cushions and other soft funishings in one easy visit.


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