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viscose fabric
Viscose Fabric

Viscose Fabric and Viscose Material

Viscose fabric, or viscose material, also known as Rayon, is a hard-wearing, soft, smooth fibre. Viscose fabrics are soft and highly durable making them ideal for home furnishings such as sofa upholstery or curtains. They are perfect for long lasting loose covers too.

At Loome we have some excellent viscose fabrics, as shown here on the right.

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 Did you know? Viscose is often though of as an artifical fibre but, in fact, it is made out of regenerated cellulose - naturally occuring plant fibes - which are subject to a special process invented in England in 1894 by the chemist Charles Cross who was looking for a substitute for silk. It was first manufacured in the UK in 1905 by the fabric company Courtaulds.

There are a number of different types of viscose with names which vary geographically. Bemberg is the trade name for a form of Rayon only produced in Italy, Modal and Tencel (also called Lyocell) are made in Austria, Viloft is made in Germany. There is also a flame retardant versionof viscose known as Visil.

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