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White Fabric

White Fabric

At Loome we stock a wide range of white or near-white fabrics. To see our white fabric, including white upholstery fabric and white curtain fabric, click on the images on this page

White, as a colour, is associated with purity, perfection, innocence, cleanliness, honesty, lightness and freshness - all ideal values to embody in your decor.

White Upholstery Fabric

White is such a pure colour for upholstery fabric. If the furniture in question is not going to be subject to heavy wear, children or pets, then white can make a stunning choice which can dramatically lift the decor of a room.

White Curtain Fabric

White curtain fabric is an excellent choice. As curtains are rarely subject it is not as critical whether one chooses a dark or light colour. If in doubt choose one of our washable white velvets. WHite curtains are very contemporary and in vogue, and look great against a wooden or tiled floor.

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