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caravan upholstery fabric
Caravan Upholstery Fabric

Caravan Upholstery Fabric

We have a great collection of fabrics perfect for revamping, refitting or generally sprucing up caravans and motorhomes.

All our fabrics are hard wearing and most are flame retardant as standard. Some are machine washable too - ideal for zip-off covers and curtains. Free samples are available for all our caravan fabrics.

For full details of any of our caravan upholstery fabric please click on the images to the right.

Which Fabrics are Best Suited for Use in Caravans?

Caravan seating is generally formed from medium to high density closed foam with zipped removable covers. Most manufacturers use washable heavy-duty cloths such as synthetic velvets or chenilles, natural linens and flatweaves. Most of the caravan fabrics shown on this page are washable and all are highly durable cloths.

Whether you choose a fabric with a nap, such as velvet or chenille, or opt for a flat linen look material is entirely one of personal choice - either style is suitable for covering caravan seating.


Fire Regulations and Caravan Upholstery Fabrics

The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988, which require fabric supplied for domestic upholstery to pass a 'match test' do not apply to the re-covering of seating in second-hand caravans. Because of this we have included, in our list of appropriate fabrics, some cloths which are not flame retardant (FR).

On the product page for each fabric you can see whether it is supplied FR or non-FR. Any of our cloths which are listed as non-FR can be treated by us for a small additional charge - please contact us for details

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