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tartan fabrics and material
Tartan Fabrics and Material

Tartan Fabrics

Tartans are the new sophisticated look. By choosing tartan you bring the glorious feel of the Scottish highlands into your home. However, gone are the days of overly-strong colours: today's tartans are made from high quality wools dyed in muted and stylish palettes.

At Loome our Iona collection of tartan fabrics is perfect for upholstery, curtains and loose covers. These wool mix fabrics are tough, soft, and shape to furniture in a way that no synthetic fabric can do.

Tartan fabrics give a timeless yet fashionable look: why not order some free samples?

About Tartan. Tartan is a patterned fabric made from vertical lines and bands of differing colours. Tartan fabrics were all originally made from wool, but are now made from both natural and synthetic cloth.

The words `tartan' and `plaid' are nowadays often used interchangeably although, strictly speaking, a plaid is a kilt accessory which is worn over the shoulder.

Tartan Material

Tartan material is constructed from bands of different colours woven across each other, one as the warp and the other as the weft. As the threads advance diagonal lines and blended colours form where the different colours intersect. The overall result - repeating blocks of vertical and horizontal bars forming squares - is called the "sett" of the tartan.

Tartan material is long associated with Scotland, but is also found in other Gaelic countries such as the Isle of Man and Ireland. Originally, tartan patterned cloth was made using locally available natural dyes. In 1746 the British Parliament enacted the Dress Act of that year in an attempt control the Scottish clans. This act, however, was repealed in 1782 after which, with support from Scottish aristocrats, Tartan grew in popularity and eventually become the symbolic national dress of Scotland. The association of tartan with specific Scottish clans was promoted by the Victorians, especially since at that time new chemical dyes made a wider range of brightly coloured patterns possible.

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